Here Comes Santa Typer

I thought I was going to do a quick ribbon change before typing up this blog post. But the new ribbons I had on hand didn’t fit the posts on this typer, which also happens to be mz (my) first QWERTZ machine. Haha! Perfect timing.

Being the Yugoslavian-made version of the Olympia traveller de Luxe, this features quite a few special characters, in addition to the accent marks. It lacks a one, zero, and apostrophe, but it does have an exclamation point. Is that used frequently in their language, I wonder?

Oh, yeah. So back to the ribbon. I had to respool the new ribbon on the old spools. The hardest part was getting the new ribbon latched onto the arrow notches. I ended up cutting a small slit into the ribbon. Even then, it was tricky. Then, while testing it, I found the ribbon was too long on one side, which would have caused the grommet to get caught in the ribbon vibrator. This typer uses tension, not obstructions such as grommets or knots, to engage the ribbon reversal.

The Speedy Spooler from Bob Marshall at Typewriter Muse would have come in handy for this job, but I still got it done.

Why red ink? The original ribbon was just black, so I thought it appropriate to use the red ink, even though it can now do both. Also, this is my Santa typewriter–red with white trim. ’tis the season!

I do consider this typer a placeholder. At the top of my wishlist is the Olympia Traveller de Luxe, but specifically orange with white trim. This UNIS version works very well, so it makes me want to get the Olympia all the more. (Assuming, of course, they have a similar feel.) The significant differences in keyboard layout on this typer make it difficult to keep a flow going. Nevertheless, it will see some use… especially this holiday season.

Author: Gregory

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