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Trick of the Grid

Well, this is fun! I was looking for a different type of thermal paper to try and happened upon this…

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Run On Magic

I just filmed a video for my YouTube Channel, Poor Typist, reviewing this typer. I hadn’t used it in a…

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The Scanner Ate My Blog Post

I feel a sense of victory. One of the first typewriters in my collection–the second thermal typer–I was disappointed when…

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Bold Mold

After gifting my Casiowriter to Joe Van Cleave, I decided to keep my eye out for another one. They don’t…

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Memorial Day

The other day, a patron at the library wished me “Happy Memorial Day!” Though I have no doubt his heart…

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Look, Ma. No Ink!

This Brother EP43 is infuriating. How are you supposed to set the margins? Without the manual, I have no idea….

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Yeah, That Just Happened

Has your paper roll ever fallen into your coffee cup? Yeah, that just happened. Sure, the cup had been recently…

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Expanded Typing

Thank you, Staples, for providing 8 1/2″ (not by 11″) thermal fax paper rolls. To set the record straight, the…

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Flush is Not Justified

So this is interesting! I decided to fiddle with this Sharp PA-1050 one last time before looking to sell it…

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Big Words On a Small Page

Please give a warm welcome to the latest member of the family, the Brother EP5 thermal typewriter. I confess, I…