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The Royal (Mis)Treatment

In my original assessment of this typewriter, I said there were a number of issues with this typewriter. What those…

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Gangstering Springs and Other Things

I was going to say that I just finished up the second live stream on my YouTube channel, Poor Typist,…

Posted in Royal Companion (1942)

The Happiest Typist on Earth

I’m not at Disneyland, but I feel like I am! This Companion is the latest addition to my collection. It…

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Auditions for the Prime Spot, Part 1: Royal Futura 800

Well, this is exciting. My wife just upgraded her desk to a fancy new one that goes from sitting to…

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The Ghastly Beast

This typewriter was a mistake. I bought it not realizing the difference between an Ultrasonic I and III. The III…

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The Scanner Ate My Blog Post

I feel a sense of victory. One of the first typewriters in my collection–the second thermal typer–I was disappointed when…

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Straight Out of the Box

This is the latest addition to the typer family. The ribbon was stolen taken from the unpopular Olivetti Lettera 25….

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Shhh… It’s Late

The hour was late, but I decided to at least get this Royal Quiet De Luxe in working order. I…

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Ink to Spare

I’ve heard complaints of new ribbons–the sort you might find at Staples–being dry. I have no complaints here. In fact,…

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Flush is Not Justified

So this is interesting! I decided to fiddle with this Sharp PA-1050 one last time before looking to sell it…