If Aquaman Had a Typewriter

Time for another Local Typewriter Club meeting. Spent the first hour chatting, and now it’s time for typing! As we chatted, Bob was trying to look up the serial number of this typer, but with little luck. So we put out a call for help in the Facebook groups. Nothing helpful yet. We’ve deduced this may be a bit of a rarity.

I brought this typer today because I noticed it hadn’t been used in a post yet. I need to make sure all the typers get their fair turns.

As you can see, there’s life yet in this ribbon. More than I thought, really. Bob was telling me you can actually use WD-40 to bring a little life back to a ribbon. I’ll have to try that.

I’m noticing that the first couple characters at the beginning of most lines start a little high and then fall into line with the rest. The carriage return lever feels like it could use a little work; don’t know if that has something to do with it.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this guy. He’s snappy with a light touch. Quite loud, though.

Hmmm… Maybe an issue with the feed rollers? I noticed the paper keeps shifting. Sadly, that’s not an issue I would feel comfortable fixing. But maybe I should try anyway. Ha!

Really, the best thing about this typer is the color. The top is a lighter aqua, the bottom being a darker color in the same family. Too bad it’s mostly plastic. It has a plastic lid with built-in handle, and just enough room to tuck in a few sheets of paper. That’s all right with me.

Author: Gregory

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