Gangstering Springs and Other Things

I was going to say that I just finished up the second live stream on my YouTube channel, Poor Typist, but that was nearly two and a half hours
ago now. I shot a short video for another YouTube channel, and then as I finally began typing this post, the ribbon vibrator began sticking in the up
position. Rather than start with the obvious–putting a little rubbing alcohol on the elbow joint of the vibrator–I went straight to gangstering the
spring that pulls the vibrator back down. After successfully mangling the spring (it ain’t pretty), I ended up having to apply a little rubbing alcohol
anyway. But you know what? Problem solved.

The stream was so much fun: Today, we had Joe Van Cleave and Alton Gansky returning to the club, and newcomer Sarah VanAllen joining us on screen. In the comments, we had Melodie McLellan and Dan Miller. The base topic was paper which I found very interesting. We also touched on trying different materials for backing sheets. Sarah showed a beautiful vintage typing guide with fantastic illustrations of children typing. Of course, that naturally led us to briefly touch on (working) toy typewriters.

I could be disappointed by the attendance to these club live streams, but they’re so much fun, I don’t care. Everyone who has dared to go on screen has been fascinating, and it has been my pleasure playing host to you fine people. I hope to see you again next Sunday!

Author: Gregory

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