Wherefore Art Thou, Ko-Rec-Type?

I was fully prepared to declare this my most perfect typewriter, but I swear it has developed a motion issue causing the capital letters to appear slightly above the lower case: HhHhHhHh It’s slight, but noticeable. Nevertheless, it’s a dream to type on, and has to be one of the most quiet typers in the collection.

Thanks to Easter, I’ll be taking a break from Typewriter Club LIVE Sunday. I must confess, it is a welcome break. I absolutely love playing host to a bunch of wonderful typewriter people, but as a natural introvert, it does require that I flip on the switch I had to develop through decades of customer service.

I am going to take the time to work on prerecorded videos. I posted a pen-related one this morning, and I have another one “in the can”, but I need to continue the series of videos documenting my collection. I have only posted one so far. Well, I did spotlight a few before I decided to do the series, so I guess those count. But I have a long way to go! My Silver-Reed EXD10 thermal typewriter should be next. Last I knew, it had developed a problem of the print head getting stuck. So I may have to skip over to the Canon Typestar 5. (It’s a shame so many of my typers left the collection before getting their time in the spotlight.)

Having received two pen pal letters just today–bringing my total to lucky number 13–I should really get to writing letters rather than typing such a rambling blog post.

Before I go: does anyone know where I put my Ko-Rec-Type?

Author: Gregory

3 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou, Ko-Rec-Type?

  1. It’s easy to adjust the motion on Smith-Coronas. It’s right in the center of the bottom of the machine. Just be sure to loosen the nuts before you try turning the screws.

  2. Ko-Rec-Type is a known illusionist and very sneaky. I suggest looking in any rooms where there hasn’t been any typewriter activity taking place at all (if such rooms exist in your house). This is where your Ko-Rec-Type is likely to be, trying to throw you off of it’s trail. (Hint: keep an eye out for any signs of white smearing on furniture, flooring, etc. just in case your KRT might have gotten careless in it’s attempts to evade your pursuit.)

    Enjoy your Sunday off!

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