Typewriter Club LIVE… on YouTube

Well, that was fun! This morning I hosted a typewriter club live stream on my YouTube channel. It being the first one, I say it was a modest success. We maxed out at four people on-screen, and a few people in the comments. Given that the announcement was short notice, I’m happy with that.

Joining us were Jonathan Posey, Alton Gansky, Joe Van Cleave, and Diane Maher. We talked everything from typewriters to the horrendous California fires sending ashes all the way to New Mexico. We got to see Joe’s studio setup from a very different angle. And Jonathan and Alton gave us a quick look at parts of their collections. With a particular fondness for the form factor of ultra-portables, I was drooling over Alton’s Royal Eldorado.

Technical challenges aside, I was very happy with how the stream went. I’m hoping to extract highlights to turn the nearly two hour stream into bite-sized stand-alone videos. They will better serve the promotion of the stream, hopefully drawing more participants next time. A couple people have already said they want to take part next time.

What a fun way to start off my birthday!

(After raving about what a perfect typer this is in the stream, the bane of my existence has reared its ugly head once more: an escapement issue. Now I’m tempted to bust out my other Sterling to compare.)

Author: Gregory

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