Pardon Me While I Change This Ribbon

Oh my! It’s been a while. I had typed up a few posts for June–during our anniversary vacation down in Fallbrook, California, from June 13th to 16th–but it ended up being a hole lot of complaining about the AirBNB horse ranch we stayed at. Our room was referred to as the “barn”, but it was more like a converted stables. And there was only one horse and her colt.

I’m not sure what is going on with the ribbon. Did it finally dry up? Let’s find out…

How is this? Better, eh? I wrote a couple penpal letters with the old ribbon, so I guess that was all it had left in it. This new ribbon was acting funny, but I guess I didn’t have it fully seated. And now I can use the ribbon selector! The old ribbon was just black. I’ve had problems in the past with this brand of ribbon being overly inked, but this one doesn’t seem too bad.

This typer, not to be confused with my 60’s era Sterling, appears to have a slight escapement issue, if that’s the correct term. It throws in the odd space, just once in a while.

Anyway, you’re likely wondering about the music in the background. (You can hear it, right?) I discovered this wonderful app that plays nothing but music from India, from classical to modern pop and fusion. JioSaavn (escapement?) is subscription-based, but if you like music from India, you’ll love it. The current track has some dubstep elements. Awesome!

It’s supposed to be 101° today. And we’re going out to lunch in a couple hours. Pray for us.

Author: Gregory

2 thoughts on “Pardon Me While I Change This Ribbon

  1. Escapement problems and ribbon problems seem to be common. Follow the manual adjusting the escapement and steer clear of ribbons on universal spools. Save your old metal ones and respool.

    Happy typing & stay cool.

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