Goodbye 440, Hello Skyriter

Out with the Royal 440, in with the Skyriter serviced by Bob Marshall at Typewriter Muse. This little guy was won on shopgoodwill maybe as much as a year ago. I was relieved to have won him for about $40 with shipping. That took out the sting of him not being a functioning typer. I quickly decided what needed to be done was well beyond my skills or desire, so I handed him over to Bob. And now, here he is, front and center on my desk. The typer, not Bob.

And how did he fit on my desk? Well, it was time for the Royal 440 to go. It is a good typer, but it makes you want to type with your eyes closed. One of the blandest typers you’d ever set your eyes upon. And an absolute beast, taking up a lot of real estate. So I donated him to Bob, who will put him in the hands of someone eager to do some serious typing.

Of course, this is not to mention the Royal FP that will likely find its way onto my desk soon. Another beast, but much easier on the eyes. That one may need a visit to Typewriter Muse first, though. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my Skyriter.

Author: Gregory

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