Matcha Green Tea & Grass Stains

It took a new typewriter to bring me out of my blogging hiatus. The hiatus wasn’t planned. Other projects have just taken me away. Most notably, the release of Type Pals 2.0. It was a ton of work. I estimate I spent about two full days figuring out the settings, setting up the database, writing copy, tweaking the layout, and beta testing it. There are still a few things that need to be done, such as the Contact page, but it is functional.

I realize, in retrospect, that some of the copy on the site assumes prior knowledge of Type Pals and the typewriter pen pal list. Unfortunately, I was two days into an ad campaign when I came to this realization, as the ad had 59 clicks but no sign ups. After considering why so many people chose not to sign up for a FREE service, I deduced it was the website copy and layout. Typewriter Club LIVE is too prominent on the page, and the wording doesn’t “sell” the service. (Too wordy, among other things.)

The need for a new site arose from the wild growth of our email-based pen pal mailing list. It was just shy of 60 addresses–a lot to be delivered in a single email. Not to mention, the list was merely names, addresses, and birthdays. The website adds bios, interests, typewriters, and more. I’m slightly disappointed that a handful of the people participating in the email list have not signed up for the site. But I am blown away by the generosity of those who have, many choosing one of the paid member levels. Paid or not, I am so thankful for everyone’s participation.

I can’t end this post without mentioning the paper. It’s Warm White Felt 80# from that I have “painted” with my favorite fountain pen ink, Kyo No Oto No. 3 Kokeiro. It reminds me of matcha green tea and grass stains. It has the most incredible shading out of all the inks I own. I am hoping to refine my technique–this one is a bit much–and put together stationery sets for sale on Etsy. I’ve been making so many different crafty things, I decided I need to consolidate them in one place: (Coming soon!)

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    1. Thank you, sir! It’s funny. This was my third attempt at using the WildApricot software. The first two times, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the features and settings that had to be setup. But I pushed through and got it done. I think it’s a happy new place for our group. Thanks for being part of it!

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