Gotta Be the Holidays

Holidays. I blame it on the holidays. Not my procrastination. And certainly not the fact that I have entirely too many projects for one human being. (Being an idea man, it’s easy to flit from one project to the next.) Yep. It’s gotta be the holidays.

Well! I forgot this typer is elite, with a nice typeface. I’m still going through my collection to see which typers have yet to appear on my blog. It was the sixth added to my collection, yet it’s one of the last ones to be used on the blog.

This particular typer is noisy for an electric. The motor has a steady hum. But it actually doesn’t bother me at all. It has been a while since I used an electric, so I’m having to readjust my touch. The keys on this one are firm, but it still requires far less effort than I am used to with the manuals.

I can see why people prefer manual typewriters. I can actually sense the disconnect between my fingers and the action of the typebars. The motion is swift–abrupt–and precisely consistent. The way I press the keys has virtually nothing to do with the impression of character to paper.

Yet I do have a fondness for electric typewriters. And here I do make the distinction between ELECTRIC and ELECTRONIC. Seeing typebars flying towards the paper is far more satisfying than barely noticing a daisywheel spinning to the appropriate character. And most electrics still have the intimacy of the carriage return lever.

As far as electronics, my primary interest, as you may well know, is thermal typewriters. I’m really quite smitten with them.

I thought I would try a new paper I found on the cheap at a discount store. It’s Koh-I-Noor 70lb/114gsm sketch paper in a 7″ x 10″ pad. I like the unusual size, and I think it just might be ideal for the blog. What do you think? Is it a winner?

I’d like to say I have cookies in the oven right now, but it’s actually one of my many distractions: polymer clay. I’ve made some worry stones, which are now available on etsy, as well as a local shop. But tonight I’m experimenting making bookmarks! If all goes well, one just might end up in my wife’s stocking.

At the rate I’m going, this will be my last post of the year, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! //gs

Author: Gregory

2 thoughts on “Gotta Be the Holidays

  1. Hey, I just purchased a Smith Corona 120 Electra. Will be my first electric typewriter so hope I like it. lol. Thanks for this!
    This is Natasha from group.

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