My Last Companion?

Watching hockey LAK 1 – STL 3 12:30 in 2nd (1/23/21)

Might as well get some typing done as I get caught up on watching the Los Angeles Kings play the St. Louis Blues. The Kings are off to a rough start this season, and this game is an example of that. But the Kings are on the power play, so we’ll see how this goes.

I was thrilled when I received this typer, adding to my Royal Companion collection. Physically, it’s in beautiful condition. Internally, it needs some work. I was happy to fix the vertical or shift alignment: HHHhhhHHH That’s good enough for me. It was a real pain. The platen is rock hard, but two sheets of 32 lb paper seem to help with that. There’s clearly an escapement issue, mostly resulting in odd character spacing. Occasionally, a carriage return ends up one past the left margin. I’m guessing the paper ruler that should be visible under the ribbon vibrator is missing; the arrow pointing into open space. It’s odd being able to plainly see the pressure rollers.

Oh! The Kings are going to have a two-man advantage for 35 seconds. And they scored! LAK 2 – 3 STL in the 2nd

I must say, it’s quite disappointing when a typewriter that looks this good doesn’t work as well. But the typing action is wonderful, so I shouldn’t complain.

Am I done collecting the Royal Companion line? Quite possibly. But never say never. I wouldn’t complain if another 60’s era Companion in perfect working order fell into my lap. They’re sleek little machines and come in nice bags.

Right now, I would love to pick up the other Futura colors that I don’t have: salmon and green. I have my eye on a green one right at the moment, but the price is going to soar, I’m sure.

Other than the typewriters I am specifically collecting–Royal Futura and Companion, Olympia Splendid and SF, and thermal typers of all makes and models–I need to go through and decide which ones work really well… and get rid of the others. The Brother Charger 11 is the most likely to leave the collection next, but works well enough that I should sell it. I’m just not sure which sales platform I want to use.

We’re in the third period now, with about 17 minutes left in the game, Kings still down by one.

Another thing to love about this typer: the feet are in excellent condition and are super grippy. The typewriter doesn’t slide while typing at all.

Kings just killed a penalty. Whew! 6:25 left in the 3rd. Kings are going on the power play with 3:06 left. Kings will be looking to pull their goalie for the extra attacker. One minute left. With a few seconds left, St. Louis scored in the empty net. LAK 2 – STL 4 FINAL

Hopefully at some point I will work more on this typer.

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