Shhh… It’s Late

The hour was late, but I decided to at least get this Royal Quiet De Luxe in working order. I cleaned the type slugs and the segment, fixing a few sticking keys along the way. I was so excited with the results, I chose this typer to receive the brand new black ribbon.

Really, I should swap this all-black ribbon for the one in the Royal Companion which doesn’t even have a ribbon selector. I realized my mistake earlier as I was writing to a pen pal.

Until I got this typewriter, I had no idea how a typewriter could be silent–or quiet, in this case. But sure enough, this guy is noticeably quieter than my other typers.

I should be in bed right now. Perhaps when my head does hit the pillow, I will dream of all my typewriters in perfect working order. Too bad I won’t remember it…

Author: Gregory

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