My Heart is Warmed

My heart is warmed. A few of my thermal typers were rehomed to Joe Van Cleave, the man responsible for my love of thermal typewriters. One of his died, so I felt it was right to send him the same model I had as it was not getting used. He filmed a video unboxing the package, which included a few surprises he was not expecting. His enthusiasm and gratitude made it worth it, and the three typers I sent have a much better home now. He’s already given them more attention then I ever did.

I have fallen way behind in sending out letters to my pen pals. So, for now, I’ve sent out a few vintage postcards. It’s not easy, but it is possible to feed thinner, vintage postcards through this Futura. The elite typeface allows me to fit more words in what is really a very small space for writing on the postcards. Works out pretty well.

I’ve been willfully watching more movies lately, thanks in part to the Criterion Channel app on the Amazon Fire Stick. Known for their quality collection of films on DVD and Blu-ray, a streaming service suits me better. And I’ve made use of the Letterboxd app to take note of films I’ve seen and connect with other movie fans. This morning I finished watching the Italian “I Knew Her Well” and started “The Fallen Idol” from England. But as is often the case, I fell asleep during it… twice. Each time, I had to rewind to a point I remembered. I have about 30 minutes left, so I’ll probably finish it before I leave for work tomorrow.

Other than that, the wife and I had a productive day hanging pictures and rearranging furniture. At least one of these pictures had been waiting to be hung since we bought this house… 10 years ago!

I love that the typosphere is full of people typecasting (i.e. blogging), but I do really wish more people would share their passion for typewriters on YouTube. Other than Joe Van Cleave, there are only a few channels that have ongoing typewriter content. But Joe remains the face of the typewriter community, as he seems to be the only one on camera. I don’t even appear in the one video I’ve posted so far, so I’m to blame as well. I just feel our community would be enriched as people make stronger connections with each other.

I suppose I am used to the Vinyl Community on YouTube, filled to the brim with people talking on-camera and off about record collecting. Real world friendships have been made, gifts are exchanged on a regular basis. My little piece of the vinyl community has grown to over 1,000 subscribers. Meanwhile, for perspective, my typewriter community channel has just four.

I’m not complaining. Like this blog, I started my YouTube channel for the fun of it. As I post more videos, my channel will continue to attract more subscribers. I just need to get my face out there… and encourage others to do the same.

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