Happy (Royal) Easter

I had so much fun using this Royal Futura 800 to type part of a letter yesterday, I decided to make my first blog post with it. Writing with this typer is surely what it must be like to drive a classic car. The design certainly has that classic look to it, right down to the red logo. And the typeface! Yes, I’m in love. I especially like how the e is very relaxed, leaning back just a little, not a care in the world. He knows he is needed, despite Ernest Vincent Wright’s 1939 novel, GADSBY.

It’s Easter. As a child, I would have been racing around the yard collecting eggs, candy, and coins. As an adult, many years later, I’m drinking coffee as I happily type to my heart’s content. Of course, that’s not to say that there won’t be candy later. Oh, there will be candy. And good food, too.

Yesterday, I had good luck finding thermal fax paper rolls for my thermal typers. I had no luck finding typewriter ribbon, though Staples appears to have a good supply of IBM selectric II ribbon. That, I think, would be my Holy Grail of electric typewriters.

Alas, my coffee has grown cold and it’s nearly time to stir the carrots…

Author: Gregory

3 thoughts on “Happy (Royal) Easter

  1. I’m finding it easy to locate thermal fax paper at local big box office supply stores, easier than cloth typewriter ribbons actually.

    1. Apparently that is the case in my neck of the woods, too! It would be interesting to know who is still using thermal faxes. It doesn’t seem like it’s new old stock, either, so they’re still making it. Happy Easter, Joe!

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