The Giving Up of Vanity

This big boy has been sitting, uncovered, for several months. He’s gone unused in that time because the 440 worked so well. Well, the 440 is gone, and this FP is still here. Sure he could use a little cleaning. Sure he has a hard platen. And his bell is surprisingly pathetic, given his commanding presence. But he works far better than I remember.

Why the FP over the 440? Well, they’re mostly the same, but the plate behind the keys on the FP–featuring the iconic red logo button–has a stylish texture that is pleasing to both the eyes and caressing fingers.

Am I wrong in thinking the FP has a slightly smaller footprint? My memory of the 440 is already fading…

One thing that can be said of these Royal standards is that they just work. And they keep on working. I should reward his good behavior by removing the rust on his chrome bits, and maybe even splurge with a JJ Short platen.

But for now, let’s not forget:

“The luxury of age was the giving up of vanity.”
–Colum McCann, TransAtlantic

With a big typewriter comes a big platen. I can’t help but think how easy it will be to roll many postcards through this typer. That will come in handy as I type a postcard up for the Type Pals Postcard Exchange. (Shameless plug: www.typepals .com)

Now to put this guy to sleep with his Typewriter Muse blankie–er, cover.


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