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Yep, this is one of my favorite typers in my collection. I adore the typeface, and the typing experience is just as good. Looking him up in the typewriter database, I now see he likely dates from 1962, though there is only one other example from that year, and it sports a bold red ribbon cover with a grey body. This one, and the one specimen from 1963, have all-grey bodies. But the serial number of this guy is far closer to the machine from ’62. Regardless, he’s sporty and tough, and this is why I’ve selected him for my first ever typewriter enthusiast meeting–or type-in, as I believe they are called.

Noticing the lower case f needed some attention, I took a toothpick to it, and it seems to have helped: fffffffffffffff… Yep, good as new.

As with all new things, I’m a bit nervous about the type-in. I could very easily feel out of my league at such an event, despite the sheer number of typers I own. (i.e. more than I need) But I do have hopes to use a Hermes 3000, Rocket, or Baby. I’d love to see how the latter two compare to this Companion. I doubt any one of those machines will ever be in my price range, but it would be nice to finally see what all he fuss is about.

The only other nagging issue is this blasted wet ribbon from Amazon. This typer, in particular, really slaps the ribbon, leaving a trail of “dust” behind the letters. Let’s see how this does… Hmmm… I installed the ribbon differently, and it seems to have worked. So perhaps it just boils down to user error. Not surprising.

Well, there is one last issue in dire need of a resolution: there’s no room for my giant coffee mug on this TV-turned-typewriter table. Someone should really invent a table for putting your coffee on. Oh, wait…

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