Local Typewriter Club

Is this the beginning of a typewriter club? I think so. I’m sitting here at Back to the Grind with author Bob Marshall and his son, Robert. Bob is using a Smith-Corona Skyriter, and Robert is typing on a Remington Fleetwing (1961). We’re in the basement; footsteps and voices can be heard above us, but we have the room to ourselves.

We’ve been discussing how to attract regular members. Bob has written up an outline for not only a single group, but something that can be replicated.

So much for having the room to ourselves. Two couples came down to play chess or checkers. Can’t fault them for that. Type on!

I have lots of ideas bouncing around in my head. A Facebook page and group are a must. A listing on Meetup would be very beneficial. Throwing a few dollars into advertising might help in the beginning.

Regardless of the execution, this is exciting. I never imagined being able to connect with others right here in Riverside. And yet, here I am…

Author: Gregory

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