Welcome the Citadel!

Royal Citadel (1963)

Welcome to the latest member of the family! The Royal Citadel is distinct from other members of the Halberg lineage in that it’s two-tone, with the ribbon cover sitting up from the rest of the sleek body, as if it’s wearing a crown of sorts. The powder blue ribbon cover pops nicely atop the taupe body.

It’s far from the perfect typer, though as I use it, it seems as if it is remembering what it is like to be used. At first, I had to be slow and methodical with my typing, but I think I hear it crying out to go faster, faster!

My only concern so far is that sometimes the typebars come back to rest on their neighbors. They don’t appear to be bent, but what else would cause such a thing? Another thing I just noticed is that the space bar doesn’t work consistently. And a few characters, such as the d, don’t seem to make the best contact with the paper. When I’m not feeling lazy, I’ll have to take a look at it.

But for now I’m thrilled that it arrived in one piece… and looks beautiful.

Author: Gregory

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