Playing for We R Memory Keeps

I am in the midst of a live stream, a test of Zoom VS StreamYard.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Well, that was fun! It’s now 11:35 am and the live stream test just finished up. Had a few people join me on screen and a couple more in the comment/s. We got so busy talking, I didn’t get any typing done. But it was fun and worked beautifully! So excited for the next Typewriter Club LIVE.

I am loving this typer with the We R Memory Keeps Black & Brown ribbon. There’s still a “dusting” of ink on the page; this typer really slaps the ribbon. But somehow with the brown ink I don’t mind as much.

As an electric with a belt, the motor makes a duet of a constant hum paired with a wum-wum-wum, presumably caused by the belt. It would be interesting to record it as white noise or use it in my drone music.

I see the further I get into this ribbon, the more dusting there is. It’s a shame, really. I adore this typewriter otherwise.

I guess I’ll wrap up here. I’m rewatching the live stream to check it out from the audience perspective. I do have very limited control of the screen layout. When I make it big, it’s difficult to keep the focus on the speaker. I may have to ask people to mute themselves if someone is showing something.

Anyway, it looks like my streaming headaches are over. Woohoo!

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