Ink to Spare

I’ve heard complaints of new ribbons–the sort you might find at Staples–being dry. I have no complaints here. In fact, this black/red ribbon has entirely too much ink on it! This is evidenced by the spatter you see in the background. Mind you, this is after several passes of the entire ribbon length across a paper towel. So, despite the fact that this ribbon was made in the USA by combat veterans, I cannot recommend this FJA Products brand ribbon.

This is unfortunate as this Olympia X-L12 has the makings of being my favorite electric typer. Especially since it also happens to be my first that I’ve repaired. You see, it had the same “drop caps” problem of my Sears Scholar SR3000. That one I decided to leave as it, as I like the effect. But one doesn’t need more than one such typer, so I was very disappointed to see this one had the same problem. So after watching one YouTube video, I thought I knew enough to fix it. Boy was I wrong. Instead, I managed to UNfix the escapement. Tempted to throw in the towel, I made a last ditch effort of buying the PDF of the service and repair manual. After a little time, I not only fixed the shift alignment and escapement, I also went so far as to clean the type slugs. Another first. (I guess I should be embarrassed to admit that.) With my excitement of a working typer, I chose this machine to get the new ribbon.

I guess I just have to keep typing until it dries out a little. Or I could head over to Staples…

Author: Gregory

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