The Wondrous Splendid 33

This little beauty comes from Sarah VanAllen, a Typewriter Club LIVE regular. We worked out a sweet deal to get it from Northern California to Southern California, essentially a gift. And a much appreciated one, as it is filling out my Olympia collection. In particular, I am fond of the ultra-portables: Splendid 33/66 and SF. I have the first and the last but still need the 66.

What a beautiful typing experience from a virtually immaculate typer. Its touch is a bit heavy—I dare not demean it by saying “stiff”—but with my two-finger typing, that’s not even a factor.

Sarah did an amazing job cleaning and repairing this machine, and her efforts are all neatly documented on a note inside the lid. It looks and feels as if it was factory refurbished.

I would have to say this typewriter easily falls within my Top 10 in my collection. Looks and condition is easily in my Top 5. I should really clear some space on my desk for it. Keeping it out of reach is truly a crime.

I just noticed—perhaps for the second time—that this types at 11 cpi. Yet another thing to love about it, as elite is my preferred spacing, and this is a nice compromise.

Anyway, THANK YOU so much Sarah for such a wondrous machine. It’s found its forever home.

Author: Gregory

6 thoughts on “The Wondrous Splendid 33

  1. On top of everything else, this features an 11 cpi typeface? What an awesome machine you’ve scored! I love the Olympia’s that I own and hope to add a SF De Luxe one day (make mine off-white and gray with the dark teal accents please).

    1. I think that color scheme came later than mine. It’s hard to tell from a black-and-white photo, but Ian Fleming had an Olympia SF, probably as you have described.

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