Move Over, Royal 440!

Always check the color of the ribbon selector before typing. Oh! Look at that. A purple and red ribbon.

This typer is one of my best scores ever. Found locally through the OfferUp app for just $30, I was so pleased, I paid $40. I could tell right away that it was in excellent condition. The seller appeared to be a college student. One can imagine him as an English major, perhaps caught up momentarily in the analog hipster movement, then unloading his acquisition as his interest faded. He certainly wasn’t out to make a profit.

Okay, that’s a lot of assumptions, but it’s fun to play that game. We all have to wonder, at least for a moment, what the story is behind our vintage machines. We can’t really know… so make one up! There’s a story in there. Great fodder for a blog post, anyway.

My goodness, this types like a dream. I haven’t done a thing to it, and it types without a single issue. And at 11 cpi, it’s nearly ideal, the happy medium between pica and my preferred elite, that is 10 and 12 cpi, respectively.

This is the typer emblazoned with the metallic service sticker from Arcade Typewriter Co., a business once located in Riverside’s Brockton Arcade, hence the name. I would love to find an old photo of the business, but a quick yet thorough search hasn’t turned up anything.

It’s truly a crime that this is my first post with this typer. I’m not sure how that’s possible. It must be pure foolishness on my part. At any rate, I may have to make space for this on the desk. Move over, Royal 440! (But, my goodness, where on Earth will you go?)

Smith-Corona was my first love. I quickly came to enjoy Royals. But Olympias are truly impressive: I have yet to meet one I don’t like. Of course, the Traveller De Luxe–orange with white trim–is forever at the top of my wish list. Oh, to find one in the wild would surely result in childish screams of delight!

In the meantime, this typer is pure joy.

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