Typewriters of Comfort and Hope

Typewriter Club LIVE has been so rewarding for me to host, I feel it has grown far beyond the effort I put into it. Unlike comments and likes on posts in typewriter groups on Facebook, I feel like we’re forging actual friendships. This typewriter is an example of that. This gorgeous typer was gifted to me by David Pedersen, one of the first people to join us on-screen.

I’ve been thanked more than I deserve for hosting our weekly meetings, but I find it hard to express the gratitude I feel being able to hang out with such a cool group of people. Typewriter people are really the best. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Any errors you see here are simply due to poor form; I’m really sitting too low, and I’ve bungled a few keystrokes. Other than needing a new ribbon, this typer is brilliant. It’s practically perfect in every way. (Thank you, Mary Poppins!)

Of course, as I was writing that, there appears to be an issue with the ribbon vibrator being held down a bit as the ribbon comes to an end, causing the tops of letters to get cut off. As you can see, it has fully reversed and the problem is gone now.

I’ve put on Kathryn Stott and Yo-Yo Ma’s Songs of Comfort and Hope. Their rendition of “Ol’ Man River” is delightful. They clearly timed the release of this album well as we approach a new year promising to be better than this one.

Yet it’s Typewriter Club LIVE that is giving me hope right now. People can still “gather” to share their passion for a common interest. The typewriter reminds us of better days, but also that with care and dedication, we will type on.

Author: Gregory

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