Typers and Lovers and Peppers… Oh My!

Okay, he’s not perfect. There appears to be an escapement issue, as evidenced above. But this ultra-portable Olympia Splendid 33 is still splendid. He has a heavy touch, but snappy nonetheless.

There’s just enough ink left in this ribbon that I feel like it has just a bit of life left. I do have an all-black ribbon waiting in the wings for just the right typer, and this guy might be the one.

The wife is listening to–and enjoying–Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you knew her, you would know how strange that is. Quite strange, indeed. But I’m proud of her for listening outside of her comfort zone. Only on Spotify will she listen to recommended songs.

We’re looking forward to our 13th wedding anniversary. Each year, we have another honeymoon–sometimes an extravagant cruise, others a humble, one-night hotel stay courtesy of work. This will go down as one of the really good ones: we’re staying on a horse ranch in Fallbrook, California. Only an hour away, it will still provide us with a very different experience in a new place. And the dogs are coming with! Can’t wait…

Postscript: Shortly after posting this entry, a search on typewriter database revealed this is likely a Splendid 66, not 33, as it sports chrome accents under the ribbon cover. That’s the downside of a missing model nameplate.

Author: Gregory

2 thoughts on “Typers and Lovers and Peppers… Oh My!

    1. I’m actually glad it didn’t come with a case! I love the look of it, even without the Splendid 66 designation, and won’t mind keeping it on display. I can always do like Joe Van Cleave and get a “grab-and-go” bag to fit it. I didn’t even think of looking for a touch adjustment until you mentioned it. Indeed, there it was. And the difference in touch is fairly incredible. Thank you, sir!

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