The Curious Mystery of the Missing Blog Posts

Now where did I put those blog posts? I wrote two posts in January, but they are nowhere to be found. You don’t think of blog posts as being “lost”. Deleted maybe. But physically lost? And yet, I have no idea where I put them. Nevertheless, when I do manage to locate them, I’ll post them, backdating, of course. But I will kindly mention their appearance in a new post so you don’t have to go digging.

Thanks to a WD-40 tip from Bob Marshall, I have pretty successfully revived this ribbon. It was DONE. Now it’s quite satisfactory. All it took was a few carefully placed squirts and waiting an unspecified amount of time. Hours was far too little. Weeks was unnecessarily long. Days would be ideal.

The wife and I have been stressing over one of our dogs. She’s 13. The dog, not my wife. She’s always had a bit of a tummy issue. Again, the dog. But within the last year, it’s really become a thing. A thing costing us an insane amount of money. More than most people would consider spending on a mere pet. But we both believe if you are going to take on the responsibility of a dog or cat, it is your ethical and moral duty to give it the best care you can, including as many expensive vet visits as necessary. And if you can’t afford said care, you can’t afford a pet.

Agatha is our beloved Cairn terrier-poodle mix. She’s a little cutie. I’d love for you to meet her, but she hates strangers. Especially rambunctious children and old ladies with walkers. But it doesn’t take long for her to treat you like a member of the family, offering a toy when you enter our home. Please keep her in your thoughts.

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