Out of TOUCH

You see how out of TOUCH I am with typing. I couldn’t even spell Olympia! This is my first blog post in over a month, and I am ashamed. So many distractions and projects and worries and responsibilities. (It strikes me what a long word that is!)

I just noticed, in the first instance of the exclamation point above, I did the old-school apostrophe-period combo, when there is a perfectly good exclamation point (!) above the 3/4. Truth be told, I’ve grown to like the look of the apostrophe-period exclamation point. Something about the understated stroke paired with the bold dot: !

‘. vs. !

The winner is clear.

There, now, I’ve warmed up my typing fingers and this machine is acting like it hasn’t been sitting, waiting, for months. The ribbon is a little more dry than I remembered, but it has some life in it yet. Now that I’m up to speed again, I’m remembering what a joy this little machine is. I need to make a point to at least find a little bag he can sleep in between sessions.

Don’t tell him, but the Royal Companion might still be my favorite. Which reminds me, I still need to check the serial number on that little beauty to find out when he was born.

Back to this typer, he still needs a deep clean. The keys have been lightly cleaned, but they still look a little grubby and stained. Other than that, he’s a real beauty with only very minor scratches.

If I ever find the perfect writing desk or typing table, he will certainly be displayed–and USED–proudly.


Author: Gregory

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