Is This Love?

It’s funny how a typewriter from 1983 can make you feel like you’re in the space age. Imagine, a typewriter that requires no ink. Well, this is it! I just received this Canon Typestar 5 yesterday and I’m in love. Mind you, this is my third thermal typewriter, with a fourth on the way. The other two both have their issues. This one appears to be flawless, and super clean.

I wonder if I would have the guts to take this to do some public typing? I take my AlphaSmart Neo2 out all the time and I am barely noticed. But the trail of thermal receipt paper might be a bit obvious.

This narrow receipt paper isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The goal, of course, will be to get 8½” fax paper. As you can see, my margin has shifted with the paper.

Alas, I cannot lie. This really truly is love.

Canon Typestar 5

Author: Gregory

7 thoughts on “Is This Love?

  1. I love my Typestar 5 too. What’s odd is how this model has fewer features than the Typestar 4. About the only one I miss is the ability to print justified text. Mostly I use 8-1/2-inch wide fax paper chop to fit. From time to time I also enjoy using bright yellow receipt paper. I bought kinds of thermal paper at my local Staples.

    1. I did see they carry yellow receipt paper! That’s pretty cool. But I have to agree: they did start removing features after the 4. I still adore my 5, though.

  2. Just received a 5 yesterday and trying to figure it out. Seems to work okay, but there is trouble with the paper advance. Have you any experience here?

    1. Oh, I haven’t experienced that with any of my thermals. Does the platen move freely when you turn the platen knob? Have you asked Joe Van Cleave yet? He is far more experienced with repairs. Of course, any electronic typer is a different beast from manuals and even electrics. In electronic typewriters, there isn’t much to look at mechanically. Fortunately, thermal typewriters aren’t expensive, so it might make sense to just buy another one. Sorry I wasn’t much help. Good luck to you!

  3. Hello I am from Argentina. I see you have several canon machines. Of all the ones you have, which one is the least noisy?

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