Yeah, That Just Happened

Has your paper roll ever fallen into your coffee cup? Yeah, that just happened. Sure, the cup had been recently emptied, but the damage was done.

Taking this Canon Typestar 4 for a run is long overdue. I had already fallen in love with the Typestar 5, and word on the street was that the 4 was even better. The justification is such a nice feature, it makes one wonder why they removed it in the 5.

This guy isn’t as pristine as some of my other thermals, but he’s not in bad shape at all. Clearly he was put to good use.

He came with one ribbon cartridge, never used, but I’m thinking they changed the size of the cartridges more than once. The Typestar 10-II cartridge, by comparison, is huge. Perhaps twice the size, at least.

Certainly on this receipt paper, the justification feature alone makes the 4 better than the 5, and otherwise they are very similar. But I may have to use the two side-by-side before declaring a winner. The only thing decided here is that Canon certainly set the bar very high for thermal typewriters.

Author: Gregory

6 thoughts on “Yeah, That Just Happened

  1. I just tried out a Typestar 7, and it is like the 4 except only one built-in font, with a second on a changable cartridge. it also has a larger screen and a proprietary data port which needs an unobtainum dongle box to hook to a computer. I still like the Typestar 4 best. (:

    1. It’s funny, but it seems after the 4 they started removing features, little by little. I have the 10-II, and it has been pretty disappointing. It doesn’t help that they added useless features, like character “shading” which just puts a variety of dot patterns around the letters. I’m feeling less of a need to collect the whole series now. Thanks for the info!

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