Trick of the Grid

Well, this is fun! I was looking for a different type of thermal paper to try and happened upon this EKG paper. I was hoping it would be heavier, but alas, it’s not much heavier than the Staples thermal fax rolls. As you can see above, some sort of “bruising” has affected the thermal reaction.

It may be a little OCD, but the fact that the print was going outside of the printed grid was annoying me, so I adjusted the left margin. Ah, much better.

In one of our Typewriter Club LIVE meetings, I had mentioned I had ordered a couple rolls of this paper–110mm and 210mm, each in 20 meter lengths. Joe Van Cleave suggested a swap for some of his high quality Brother thermal sheets, and I was quick to agree. I gave him the choice of the two sizes; he opted for the 210mm. That’s fine by me as I mostly see myself blogging with this paper, or perhaps for writing short notes. Either way, it’s sure to be a hoot.

I am very much looking forward to Joe’s inevitable video on this paper. For example, I am too lazy to measure the grid, but I am sure Joe will include that in his review.

I have to say, the imprint is nice and dark, and it seems sharper than the fax paper. But maybe that’s just a trick of the grid.

Author: Gregory

6 thoughts on “Trick of the Grid

  1. Hey Gregory, great post. As it turns out, both you and Joe (who just posted a new video about typing papers on his YouTube channel) have inspired me to expand the horizons of typing paper possibilities as well. I was planning on waiting until Typewriter Club LIVE to mention my new blog, but as you’ve now directly influenced the content I’m creating, I figured that it would be worth sharing my own paper test with you here on your Poor Typist blog. You can check it out at:

    I hope to be at the next TCL and will see you then,

    1. I tried to comment on your post, but it said I was blocked as a suspected bot. I didn’t include any links in the body of the comment. Hmmm… You might want to look into that. I suggested place mats as a possible choice. And then there’s the obvious: napkins. I look forward to more of your posts!

      1. Ah, okay — thanks for the heads up! I think I have things working correctly now (if so, the problem was being caused one of the active plug-ins). With any luck, all is well now (this is my first attempt at setting up a blog and I’m hoping that there won’t be too many headaches involved).


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