Jumping the Thermal Shark

Have I jump the shark? Quite possibly. My obsession with thermal typewriters continues. Except it can’t even be argued that this is, in fact, a typewriter. This is a full-on word processor. Sure, it’s a descendant of the Typestar line, but 28 KB of internal memory crosses the line from typewriter to computer. And let’s just ignore the fact that there is an additional 720 KB in storage with the 3.5” floppy drive. (It’s worth mentioning here that floppy disks are readily available on Amazon!)

With this newfound power, I’m typing this entire blog entry into memory before printing it out on the thermal fax paper roll. I even ran the spell-check! Yep, this is no typewriter. But it sure feeds my thermal printing obsession.

This machine was likely never used. It’s super clean, still has the display sticker promoting its high-tech features, and the ribbon is sealed. I was a bit shocked that the floppy drive works flawlessly.

I’m not sure how this will fit into my writing, but I can see myself taking this for a spin from time to time. It does have a typewriter mode, but if you stray from the default font and size, it becomes awkward, making multiple passes for each line.

I was disappointed that it doesn’t technically support a continuous roll of paper. It has a max of 99 lines per page. There is a slot intended for a continuous feed paper, but the system assumes the paper is perforated into sheets. We’ll see how that page break up there goes.

I am happy to have this as part of my thermal typewriter+ collection. I guess if you can type on it and it is thermal, it will find its way into my hands.

By the way, the next thermal typewriter on its way to me is going to be very interesting, particularly if you can read Chinese!

Author: Gregory

6 thoughts on “Jumping the Thermal Shark

  1. While it might not be a typewriter by any number of definitions, at least you are enjoying writing with it and there is definitely value in that (in my book at least). Perhaps when you find yourself stuck in a writing rut, this will become one of your go-to tools that you use to break free. Regardless, I hope that you continue to enjoy the experience. Typewriter or not, isn’t that what matters the most?

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