No Room for Clever Endings


It’s hard to beliefve it’s 2022 already. It’s also hard to believe this is my first time ever lap-typing with a thermal typewriter. It’s very boiuncy; I’ll blame the two typos (so far) on that.

New Year’s reolutions would be appropriate here. And like George Bailey’s wishes in It’s a Wionderful Life, I didn’t make just one resolution, I made a whole hatful of them.

  • my weight!
  • better husband
  • read more
  • back to writing
  • back to school
  • catch up on correspondence
  • better son
  • better home owner
  • more photography
  • less TV
  • buy less, use more
  • make stuff
  • make music
  • more blogging
  • learn shorthand
  • learn Spanish

It’s not Thanksgiving, but I must say I am very thankful at this moment. I’m typing on a typewriter given to me by Brian Goode using paper given to me by Mike Durling. Both are friends from Type Pals and Typewriter Club LIVE. Thanks, guys!

This typer is much like the EP5, so of course I love it. I believe the “word-spell” and memory are new to this model. How does one type into memory without ascreen? Very car3efully, I suppose. Let’s try it out and hope there wasn’t something already stored:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazydog.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazydog.

Okay, the first time you type it, it prints it at the same time. Then you canreprint it using Code-Print.

I’ve noticed a bug that I seem to remember from the EP5. If you’re typing during a carriage return, it doesn’t recognize spaces. See “lazydog” and “canreprint” above.

No room for clever endings.

Author: Gregory

8 thoughts on “No Room for Clever Endings

    1. Excellent question! The book I have is Simplified Gregg Shorthand, so I’ll go with that. The idea of it being simplified is a huge benefit. Do you know shorthand?

  1. I just tried with the EP5 that you gave me and I cannot reproduce the bug where the typewriter skips spaces when typed during the carriage return. You must type faster than I do because I had a hard time typing those two words while the carriage was traveling. As a final test I typed a bunch of x x x x x and every space was reproduced where it was typed.

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