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I just filmed a video for my YouTube Channel, Poor Typist, reviewing this typer. I hadn’t used it in a while and forgot how good it is! Simple, straight-forward, QUIET… In many ways, I like this even more than my beloved Canon Typestar line. It gives you more of a traditional typing experience as it doesn’t have a screen. Like any thermal typewriter, there is a definite lag between key presses and printing, but it is easy to adjust to that.

I think I need to be on the lookout for another one of these to keep as a backup. This one works beautifully and is super clean, but you never know.

I gave Joe Van Cleave a shout out in the video as I know he will be very interested in this typer. I really hope he can get his hands on one. I would be interested to hear his thoughts on it, and see how it compares with his other thermals. Perhaps he can even add it to his comparison chart to see where it falls in the pecking order.

Things I love most about the Brother EP5:

  • simplicity
  • ease of access to features
  • super dark print
  • the quietest typewriter(?)
  • thermal=no ribbon, ink, or cassette

More and more I hear about people that secretly have thermal typewriters in their collection. I also hear about people discovering thermal typewriters for the first time. I am encouraged by this. Thermal typewriters are a fascinating technology. Even in this day and age of high technology, thermal printing doesn’t seem dated.

Understanding, in theory, the technology and how it works, I also believe thermal typewriters run on magic.

Author: Gregory

2 thoughts on “Run On Magic

  1. I loved the video, see my comments. You’re a thermal evangelist, maybe we need tee shirts made?!

    1. Hahaha… Well, it really was your fault. I learned about them from you. I love how passionate you are about them. I periodically go back and re-watch them. Most recently, I re-watched the comparison video. Great stuff.

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