Expanded Typing

Thank you, Staples, for providing 8 1/2″ (not by 11″) thermal fax paper rolls. To set the record straight, the rolls are 98′ long! As Joe Van Cleave mentioned in his video dated April 22, 2019, the paper of this particular role is very thin and prone to marking, or what I’ll refer to as “bruising”. Not unlike a banana.

So here I am again on my Brother EP5. If not for its thickness, it would actually look modern, in its always-in-fashion black. Its features are certainly more limited compared to the Canon Typestar 5, but I appreciate that the more common ones are available using switches rather than keyboard shortcuts.

In the interest of quickly showing you all the features, I shall make use of the convenient demo feature. For posterity, I’m going to make a video of this little baby doing its thing. Enjoy!

Author: Gregory

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