Big Words On a Small Page

Please give a warm welcome to the latest member of the family, the Brother EP5 thermal typewriter. I confess, I am completely and utterly fascinated with these machines. This is my fourth.

Having two that work really, really well, the other two will be re-homed. So this will join my Canon Typestar 5 as permanent members of the family.

Typing on this receipt paper seems more cramped with this machine. I wonder, is the Typestar elite? According to the type guide, this is pica.

Alas, it is time for dinner. But one last thought: 8½” thermal fax paper is a must!

Author: Gregory

3 thoughts on “Big Words On a Small Page

  1. Nice! I am starting to really like the Canon Typestar 4. And I’ve seen 4-roll packs of 8-1/2” wide thermal fax paper at Staples online for an okay price. There’s something about an endless roll of paper to inspire creative.

    1. You make me want to try the 4 now! I think it was you(?) that said it’s supposed to be better than the 5? And I’m deeply in love with my 5, so I can only imagine. It would be very interesting (and expensive) to line up the whole Typestar family and do a comparison. Thanks for the tip about the 4-packs at Staples. I’ll certainly look into that, as I too love the idea of typing without concern for the page break. As it is, I adore the auto-return feature of the Typestar 5.

      Thank you so much for the comment, and keep those videos coming!

  2. Canon Typestar 4 is a better than the 5 IMHO, mainly because the 4 can justify the right column edge and the 5 can’t. It’s handy when typecasting on very skinny paper.

    The Brother EP-5 is curious, compared to the earlier Brother thermal models. Brother started out trying to make something that was almost more calculator than typewriter, but by the late 80’s had lost all that quirkyness of the EP-20, 22 and EP-44 and had settled on making thermal mini-wedges that looked and operated just like a boring daisywheel. I gave my EP-5 away pretty quick just because it was basically unquirky.

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