I am Gregory Short and I am addicted to typewriters. This blog–not to be confused with this one–is my foray into the typoshere. Here, I chronicle my adventures, and occasional misadventures, in the wonderful world of blogging with a typewriter.

Though I hope to occasionally impart bits of wisdom, most of the posts here will deal with typewriters and the typing experience. Often, I will include details of what I may be watching or listening to in the background. Once in a while, if it’s significant, I may mention the weather. And I have been known to make references to what I am eating or drinking.

Poor Typist?

The name, since you’re curious, has a double meaning:

  1. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on my addiction, and will likely never spend more than $50 on a typewriter. Thus, my status as a collector is poor indeed.
  2. I make no claims to being a good typist. Though my skills are lacking, I am still the fastest chicken-pecker in the West. (Backstory: When everyone else in high school was taking typing class, I was forced to settle for a “business skills” class. To this day, I am one of the few remaining human beings who can make out a check correctly.)


As I said, I am Gregory Short. I am a writer, poet, web designer, photographer, and experimental musician. By day, I am a Library Associate 2 at a public library. (Best. Job. Ever.) By night, I am all of the things I previously mentioned… and more. My wife thinks I’m a comedian. I keep telling her, the older I get, the funnier I get. When I’m 96, I’m going to be hilarious.

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