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Typers and Lovers and Peppers… Oh My!

Okay, he’s not perfect. There appears to be an escapement issue, as evidenced above. But this ultra-portable Olympia Splendid 33…

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Look, Ma. No Ink!

This Brother EP43 is infuriating. How are you supposed to set the margins? Without the manual, I have no idea….

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The Olivetti No One Wants

In my search for expanding my collection beyond Smith-Coronas and Royals, I snagged this Olivetti Lettera 25. Admittedly, when the…

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Yeah, That Just Happened

Has your paper roll ever fallen into your coffee cup? Yeah, that just happened. Sure, the cup had been recently…

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they’re waiting for me to become soft, open to their kind they’ve waited so long, patient for the moment my…

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Companion. Royal Companion.

I’ve picked up, I believe, four more typers since my last post. Though I keep checking–and hoping–to find some locally,…